Jaw Movements

ue to the number of inquiries relating to the Dental Triggers of Migraine
I have begun a column of useful information for Migraine sufferers and their families. 

In this, the first issue, I discuss the importance of a fully functional articulator, an essential instrument in accurately diagnosing the Dental Triggers of Migraine.

     It is essential that your Dentist use a fully functional articulator when searching for these Dental Triggers.  A fully functional articulator is an instrument that can duplicate accurately all the sideways movements of the jaw as well as the forward and backward movements.  It is in this way that the whole physical field of movement of the lower jaw can be examined, while the Dentist is searching for these Dental Triggers.  This type of articulator that exposes the molars (back teeth) is particularly important when searching for Interference and other problems such as the presence of "Rogue" teeth.  What your Dentist is looking for, are areas of Interference between the teeth in the upper and lower jaws.  It is these areas of Interference that can act as Migraine Triggers.   

     Did you know that when people sleep they do not keep their lower jaw at rest?  What happens is that they continually move their lower jaw in all directions and to the fullest extent possible feeling for any forms of Interference that may be present.  In  doing so, it is possible that  they may find a form of  Interference between the teeth in the upper jaw and the teeth in the lower jaw, that acts as a barrier to smooth jaw movements. The lower jaw, attracted by this Interference, tries to wear it away.  This is the main reason for night-grinding.  It is the lower jaw trying to remove the Interference that is preventing it from being able to move in all directions smoothly.  If there was no Interference, then your lower jaw would not continue this movement.  Read More....


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