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"Migraine, The Causes and Treatment" has been written by Dr. Brodie-Brockwell in response to popular demand. In its 19 Chapters you will find the following:
  • identification of the 16 Triggers of Migraine found in the mouth.
  • reasons why your child could be suffering nausea, vomiting and headaches upon awakening
  • diagrams showing symptoms previously not thought to be related to Migraine.
  • ways in which you can help your Dentist identify your Migraine Triggers
  • testimonials of patients who obtained relief from their Migraine symptoms through Dr. Brodie-Brockwell's treatment without  the use of drugs

"Migraine, The Causes and Treatment" is now available. Click on the Order Form to begin your path to a Migraine-free life.

Friday, October 25, 2002                                                                                                                             THE BARRIE EXAMINER

Doctor bringing his migraine cure to Barrie on Saturday


    Migraine?  There's relief - without drugs. Sounds too good to be true? Not according to Dr. C.G. Brodie-Brockwell, a retired dentist who has spent the last 50 years researching the causes and successfully treating more than 4,000 patients. And he's going to be telling all during a seminar in the community room of Zehr's Bayfield St. store Saturday.
    "It's not a medical problem; it's a dental problem," said Brodie, adding that it makes him furious to think of the number of people who are not getting treatment because of the "policy" migraines being commonly thought of, and treated, as a medical problem.
    Currently, 91-year-old Brodie has written two books on the subject - one for dentists and one for the general public, in which he points out the causes, triggers and treatments. And he did it while suffering from macular degeneration with limited ability to see, read or write, he dictated his notes to his daughter Margaret Adshade to transcribe.

    His first book, The Myofascial Syndrome - Its Causes and Treatment, met with interesting responses from Canadian dental schools: ranging from none whatsoever to outright hospitality, to a polite thank-you.
    Brodie says a lack of interest on the part of dentists and the medical migraine myth is commonly accepted.
    "They're quite confident they're doing everything perfectly," he said.
    While he's given lectures at an international meeting for dentists, the British Dental Association, and is considered by Dr. George Sweetnam, president of the Canadian Dental Association to be a pioneer in the treatment of TMD (temporal mandular disorders) caused by occlusal dysfunction, Brodie is taking his message to the public with his second book, 'Migraine, The causes and Treatment', released in June of this year. The Barrie stop is one of a number of Ontario engagements.
    The seminar takes place tomorrow from 1-3 p.m. For more information see

*** Attention: Parents, teachers and caregivers of young children. For an opportunity to have Dr. Brodie-Brockwell talk to your group or organization about children's migraine, e-mail him at to book a day and time.




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