Dr. C.G. Brodie-Brockwell

Dr. Brodie-Brockwell graduated in Dentistry from McGill University, Montreal, Canada in 1948 with high honours, including the Lieut. Governor's Medal and the Montreal Dental Club Prize.

In 1949, he took charge of the Red Cross Dental Clinics in Montreal.  A year later he started his private practice in Lachine, Quebec, where he began his research on MIGRAINE.

It was at that time that Dr. Brodie-Brockwell realized Mandibular (jaw) movements create basic angles, the size of which can influence the intensity of MIGRAINE headaches.  He named these angles, "The Brodie-Brockwell Excursal Angles".

In 1969, he lectured at the combined International/Ontario Dental Association Convention in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and later to other Dental Societies in Ontario, Canada.

Dr. Brodie-Brockwell gave a clinic at the Annual British Dental Society Convention in Bournemouth, England and lectured to the International Gnathological Society in London, England. He gave other lectures in the United Kingdom as well.

In 1998, Dr. Brodie-Brockwell received an award from the Ontario Dental Association in acknowledgement of  his 50 years of service in Dentistry. 

Dr. Brodie-Brockwell's book about the Dental causes and treatment of MIGRAINE entitled, "The Myofascial Syndrome Its Causes and Treatment", is a culmination of his life's work into the Dental triggers of MIGRAINE.


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